Who we are

SuperStar VA Business Services is owned and operated by Lyndal McAteer, a Melbourne based freelance Virtual Assistant.

After many years working in Customer Service, Sales, Graphic Design, Admin and Marketing, as an employee of {mostly} small businesses – Lyndal took the leap into the world of Virtual Assistant-ing {not a word – we know!!} in March 2019. For many years prior to this the universe had been giving her not-so-subtle regular hints. She lost count of the number of discussions that resulted in “you should be a VA – you’d be great at it”.

Jumping into the world of small business ownership was a surprisingly easy transition. To top it off, the many benefits of working remotely for select clients {rather than surviving the rat-race working for “the man”} soon made it clear to Lyndal that she had made the right choice and she hasn’t looked back!

Close up of smiling woman with blonde hair in front of colourful crocheted flower curtain