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Are you a small business owner who spends your most valuable & finite resource – YOUR TIME – working IN your business instead of ON your business?

Are you so bogged down in the stress of day-to-day operations that you have little time to step aside and analyse the status of your business? Do you have time to pause so you can innovate, create, set new goals and brainstorm exciting ways to implement them?

BUSINESS solutions

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Graphic Design

Whether it's a one-off flyer design or on-going design projects


Free up your time by delegating those pesky Administration tasks to us!


eDM's, Social Media, Website Management & everything in between!


Lyndal picked up immediately on my vision and what I wanted to achieve. Within days I was starting to get more organised than I had ever been before. and without the headaches and hours of training an overseas PA. Lyndal has helped me free up my time so that I can generate new business and concentrate on what I need to be doing. Thanks Lyndal to living up to your name, SuperStar!
Bernadine Geary
Style Finance Group

Lyndal is an absolute SuperStar, definitely a keeper!! She interprets my babble into nice flyers & promos and I don’t have to deal with spreadsheets and formulas! Highly recommend!
Lisa Appelman
Pongos Garden

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